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If you're tired of seeing your fashion dreams play hide and seek with reality,

NOW is the time to roll up your sleeves and turn those dreams into a runway-worthy business.

Meet Your Guide

Hello, Fashion Designer!

I'm Bako Rambini.

As a financier turned fashion business coach, I've worked side by side business owners for over 20 years and today I help emerging fashion designers like you bridge the gap between creativity and business and sprinkle a little magic onto your fashion business journey.
I've written "The Fashion Business Plan" to pave your way to a profitable fashion business and help you make your fashion label the talk of the town.

Is This You?

✓ You've stitched together your dream collection, but sales are badly lagging

✓ You're pouring your heart and soul into well-made couture designs, but people just aren't catching the vibe

✓ You're unsure about what's important, where to invest your time and money

✓ And clients? They're playing hard to get

✓ Plus, fashion school didn't give you the business lowdown you needed.

If this sounds like your latest fashionpreneur saga, then, look no more!

You've landed in the right place!

Here is...

The Fashion Business Plan

It"s your ultimate guide to stitching ca$h into your couture!

Think of it as your glittering secret weapon, turning your love for fashion runway into a profitable way to run your business.

This step-by-step playbook doesn't just talk the talk. helps you turn your fabulous designs into a fashion empire that pays.

Say goodbye to starving artist days and hello to living the dream, one step at a time!

So Here's What You Can Expect :

"The Fashion Business Plan" isn't just a book. It's your VIP pass to the Iconic Fashion Brand Formula™, a unique roadmap I've charted to help emerging designers like you

✓ end the guesswork and finally stop treating your fashion business like a hobby

✓ say goodbye to business confusion

✓ ditch the clueless dreamer attitude

✓ take matters at hand to become a savvy fashion business owner

The Fashion Business Plan Book Will Help You:

  • Sculpt Your Unique Brand DNA
    Craft an authentic signature unique to your brand that will attract the right audience

  • Apply Game-Changing Strategies
    Use your fashion brand DNA as your compass. Align your strategic decisions to your DNA to make maximum impact

  • Understand Your Numbers
    No need to fear numbers anymore. Go through a step-by-step approach to understand each item of your financial projection, how it links with who you are as a brand, your strategy, and what it brings to your fashion brand

  • Implement With Ease
    Use the fillable paper or digital workbooks and the fashion business plan calculator to help you execute what you learn

  • Learn From the Experts
    Gain insights from interviews with experts in trend, product design, fashion business strategy, finance, and more

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The work with Fashion FXF that really impacted our fashion business was the brand DNA also analyzing the customers that we did have to really find out who they were and really defining who we were, what our style was, everything we believe in and our story. That's the biggest change. Our sales have definitely improved. We did have a 20% increase in sales online.

J. Culbertson - Owner of Violet Fish

The advice that has stuck with me the most is to find my DNA and stick with it in everything I do. That has set the tone for my business this year and am now working on 5 custom gowns.

That's the most I've ever had.

M. Burns - Owner of Marie Margot

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